Restricted Key Systems.

Domestic lock sets are easily picked if you have the knowledge and experience. That’s why you call a locksmith when you’re locked out. Unfortunately, these skills can also be learnt by professional criminals. Restricted key systems offer a much higher level of security and they lock cores are difficult to pick.

Restricted key systems are a high security option because they use patent protected cores and keys. These cores and keys are only available to approved locksmiths. The system also ensures your keys will never be copied without your authorisation.

Keys are registered and allocated to staff, preventing unauthorised access and duplication of keys. It’s also good to keep an internal record of who has been issued with which key. If staff leave you get the key back and don’t have to worry if they have made a duplicate or given it to someone else.

Restricted key systems also allow you to create different master keys and limited access keys. This gives you control over access to various areas of a building. You have control who has access to which areas.

Special restricted key sets limit access to approved personnel and only to areas where they should have access too. This is great in a commercial setting where an owner or manager needs access to open all doors, whilst junior staff only require limited access.

The three main benefits of a restricted key system are:

  1. Greater security as the lock cores offer are tamper and pick resistant.
  2. Copy restrictions preventing unauthorised people or other locksmiths from duplicated keys.
  3. Ability to setup different keys sets that offer different access rights numerous areas.

The profile of a restricted key is different to any normal key. This makes it much more difficult for someone to pick the lock.

Some of the areas where restricted key systems are beneficial:

  • Commercial properties.
  • Shops & shopping centres.
  • Shared spaces in office buildings.
  • Apartment, units or townhouse blocks.
  • Organisations and Government departments.
  • Private homes.
  • Firearm security.

With new advances in restricted key systems, along expiring patent protection and designs becoming outdated, your old key security system may no longer be legally compliant.

If your system needs to be updated or you’re looking for advanced security, then get in touch to discuss your requirements. A restricted key system doesn’t cost much more than a standard master key system.

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