New Locks & Rekeying

There’s nothing worse than the thought of losing your keys. Not only do you need to call a locksmith to get in, but now you have that uncertainty that somebody may have access to your property. Why not get your locksmith to rekey your locks while they’re on-site?

In the unfortunate event that your home has been broken into or your keys stolen, you’ll want to rekey all your locks ASAP and provide security for your family or business. We understand this, so will be on-site as quickly as possible.

A lot of people also forget when they buy a new home how important it is to have all your external locks rekeyed. You don’t know who the previous tenants or owners have given a key too. Also, don’t forget to have the garage remote recoded.When you’re getting your locks rekeyed this is also an excellent time to talk to your locksmith about the quality of the existing locks and maybe look at other security options, such as a good quality deadbolt or smart lock.

Getting all your external locks and screen doors keyed alike is recommended, so you only need to carry one key. Additionally, windows locks that are keyed alike can take the frustration of first finding and then going through a bundle of keys when trying to open a single window.

It always a good idea to get a couple of extra keys cut to give to a trusted friend or neighbour. Saving a lot of headaches is you lock yourself out or need someone to check on your home while you’re away.

You’ll sometimes find your older locks need replacing when the mechanisms become worn and hardware too loose. A good quality lock isn’t expensive and can be replaced quickly. We usually have stock on hand to replace whilst we’re there.

Lock & Door Locksmiths only use the highest quality locks and keys. We come to you and rekey or replace locks and cut keys on-site. We can cut keys for just about anything from, domestic locks, deadbolts, commercial, restricted keys, safes, cabinets and coded keys.

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