What is a Restricted key system and why use one?

A client recently had an issue where one of their employees had left their business on bad terms and hadn’t returned their work keys. The client was concerned that their previous employee could still access the workplace as they may have had the key copied.

I recommended the installation of a Restricted key system. This allows the owner of the business to keep a record of who has what key and what doors they can access. The other benefit is that the key can only be copied by the locksmith who created the system. 

A Restricted key system is one of the best ways to control who has access to buildings, storage areas and assets. Restricted keys can only be requested by an authorised person at the locksmith who created the system. For example, if you are a small business owner and you buy a Restricted System for your business, you are the only person who can request extra keys, or authorise others to request keys for your business. You would also have to come back to Lock and Door Locksmiths to get the keys cut, as it is illegal for other locksmiths to copy the keys. 

Having a Restricted System for your business allows you to have complete control who has access to the building. When an employee leaves your business, you contact us and we will ensure that their key can no longer operate the lock. We keep a record of all users and their allocated keys.

A Restricted Key System can also be used for an apartment block where tenants have to access a common door. We can ensure that only authorised tenants have a key to access the common door. 

If you are considering installing a Restricted Key System make sure that you consult a Professional Locksmith service who operates with ethics and follows a code of conduct.

Lock and Door Locksmiths offer a professional service and treat all clients with respect and understanding. Contact us if you have any questions and we can discuss with you whether installing a Restricted System would be beneficial for your business.

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