Security tips from a Locksmith.

With the holiday season approaching and families looking to escape the city landscape, it is important to consider that what you are leaving behind will remain safe in its place within your empty home.

Here are a few simple tips to protect yourself against any uninvited guests helping themselves to your home and it’s possessions.

  • Ask yourself, “How would I break into my home.” This will highlight any weaknesses in your security system.
  • Consider installing a proper alarm system or cameras. If you can’t afford a professional system, consider cheaper DIY options such as ARLO cameras.
  • Always double-check locks on windows and doors are properly hastened before leaving the house. No matter how unlikely it is they will be used to enter your home, any weakness creates opportunity for burglars.
  • You should consider installing lighting with infrared detectors. This will deter would-be thieves from attempting to enter your home after-dark.
  • Be sure to change all locks when you move into a new home.
  • It is important to ensure your alarm system’s wiring is concealed. A professional burglar will always case a home for weakness before entering.
  • Make neighbors aware of your holiday and ask they keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.
  • Personalise your tools by engraving them or painting the handles.
  • Consider trimming shrubs which protrude views of windows. This will aid helpful neighbors to identify any trouble.
  • Install 1-inch deadbolt locks on all exterior doors.
  • Be sure to set door hinges on the inside of your house. If there are hinges on the outside, you should take the door down and reset them on the inside.
  • Look for rotting wood on doors and replace them with new solid wood.
  • A simple way to burglar-proof sliding doors is to place a metal bar along the bottom track of the door slide. The pipe should be roughly the same size as the track.

It is important to remember that other than the obvious peace of mind you will have knowing that your home and contents are protected it also proves to be helpful in bringing the premium for your home insurance down. This means home security not only keeps your family safe but also adds more money in your back pocket.

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