Rekeying locks versus replacing locks.

Most people have been in the situation where they have moved into a new property and are worried that the previous tenant may still have a key. Business owners may have been in a situation where an employee has left the business and you no longer want them accessing the property.

This then brings up the question of whether you need to replace the locks or just rekey them. This article will address the differences between rekeying and replacing locks and what situations they are best suited to. 

If your lock is in good shape, it may be possible to rekey the lock instead of replacing it. It is the process of rearranging the tumblers of a lock cylinder to suit a new key profile and ensure that the old key does not work anymore. This service is more affordable than a lock replacement.

Situations, where it might be a better option to rekey, is if you have just moved into a new home or you have lost your keys. For this to happen, the lock needs to be in good working condition. Another situation where it may be a better choice to rekey is if you want to use the same key to open all of the doors in your house. This process is called “keying alike”.

If your property has been broken into and the lock is damaged or the lock is not working properly due to worn or unreliable lock mechanisms, you may need to consider replacing the locks.

Other instances where you may want to replace the locks is if you want to upgrade them to more secure or smart locks.

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