Benefits of a home safe.

The thought that some stranger has access to your home, your personal information and your life is enough to unsettle anybody.

Home-security not only protects us from unwanted guests rummaging through our stuff, it also gives us the peace of mind that our privacy is protected when we are away.

Family heirlooms, passports, emergency cash funds; these things are always hot property for a fleet-footed burglar. To ensure the safety of these items, a safe is an invaluable addition to your home.

In the event of a fire or any natural disaster, a fire-proof safe will ensure that any documents – wills, birth certificates, insurance policies and tax returns remain protected from harm. You can also expect lower insurance premiums by installing a home-safe.

Some people opt for a safe-deposit box over a safe. While this does lessen the financial blow initially, monthly payments will eventually far exceed the cost of installation for a safe at your home.
It also means you are at the mercy of business hours to access your belongings. This can be very impactful should you forget to visit your deposit box before taking that overseas trip with the family; or if you need access to any documentation you have kept there.

While a safe will protect the belongings it encases it cannot unfortunately stop would-be burglars from breaking and entering your home. We have all experienced that heart-in-stomach feeling you get when you realise your phone isn’t in your pocket, or your keys aren’t where you left them and the ensuing panic that unfolds in your haste to locate them.

There is no substitute for a home-security system. Security cameras and signage are a major deterrent for anybody wanting to trespass on your property. Most burglaries occur during the day when owners are away at work, therefore, it is suggested that a loyal dog with a loud bark can scare off any intruders from entering your home.

If you do plan on going on holidays, let your neighbours know. A tight-knit community strengthens your security ten-fold and will be able to alert authorities should any suspicious activity occur.

Securing your windows and installing motion-lights, smart locks and doorbell cameras are all very effective tools in ensuring your belongings and your home remain the same way you left it.

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